we are a collective of musicians, sometimes acting as bands, sometimes as singles. we can fullfill the missing parts with what we can do for each other.

in today's scenes, it's not easy to survive to the waves of boys from noone knows playing their instrument through a program and easily producing amazing disks and songs from their desktops.

we have spent a very large amount of time in our studios, and rooms, practicing, learning.

and now we want the payback

presently we roam into the lands of experimental music, noise, doom, sludge and stoner, but a branch of us is heading towards some singalongs and synth music. mostly we are one man bands, or single artists, but we need always new blood to join us in our projects. most of the stuff is fast delivery, and write throught and then rebuilt in studio, so, jump on if you think you are able to do something new!